Quinn O'Connor

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a fourth-year Emerson College student majoring in Journalism with a minor in Political Communication. I focus on government, social policy, and civil rights issues.

Featured Work

Meet Your Sports Team's Newest Player - Sports Technology

The soundtrack of an athlete training in an empty gymnasium has typically been composed of the ball pounding on the wooden court, the ball swishing through the net, the athlete’s sneakers squeaking, and, if you’re close enough, the athlete panting.

Now a lonely night in the gym has a new soundscape: beeps, clicks, chimes, and chirps emitting from cellphones, plus hums and buzzes from automatic rebounding machines and wristwatches.

This phenomenon is not limited to the court; it can be found at the field, track, or pool. Meet your sports team’s newest, brightest, and strongest player, trainer, and coach, all in one- technology.

Emerson alum Cerise Castle awarded American Mosaic Journalism Prize

After Cerise Castle was struck by a rubber bullet while reporting on Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles on May 30, 2020, her doctors advised her to stay on bed rest for six months. That meant no going to work and no reporting in the field. However, for Cerise, the nation’s response following the murder of George Floyd was a call to action—sitting out was not an option.

Castle’s perseverance led her to win the Heising-Simons Foundation’s American Mosaic Journalism Prize on Feb. 14.


Christian students observe Ash Wednesday with non-denominational service

The Emerson Christian Fellowship and the Center for Spiritual Life hosted an interdenominational Ash Wednesday service in the Reflection Room of 172 Tremont on Wednesday, allowing Christian students to experience the yearly observance without leaving campus.

Eight attendees sat in a small circle for scripture readings and a litany of penitence. Although the center didn’t have any ashes to distribute, students bonded over their differing Christian observances of the holiday and bowed their heads

Students handle exotic wildlife in ‘Animal Adventures’ event

“Animal Adventures” family zoo and animal rescue center brought live creatures to the Student Performance Center in the Little Building on Jan. 21.

College students lined the stairway to the Student Performance Center on Jan. 27 for a chance to meet a variety of exotic animals in the college’s second hosting of “Animal Adventure” night.

“Animal Adventures,” a Boston-based family zoo and animal rescue center, brought 11 creatures for a visit to the Little Building Friday night, thanks to the or

My Background

I grew up in Bethlehem, PA, and came of age (politically speaking) during the 2016 election, which seated the most divisive electorate in modern history. I am a member of the ubiquitous high school class of 2020; Zoom classes, no prom, no sports, no graduation.

Growing up watching the news media's de-evolution had a curious effect on me; it inspired me to become a journalist. I am committed to seeking the truth in my writing, no matter how big or small the story, and to exposing situations where truth and facts are openly distorted.

Thus far, I have focused on print and multimedia work. I enjoy data-based stories. I believe this will become essential for helping readers comprehend today's increasingly complex narratives.